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Q: How exactly are the profits supporting other breastfeeding mamas? 

A: Honor Mama partners with organizations that provide direct services and support to nursing mamas. The partnership creates opportunities to train more lactation support peeps and offer services that are specifically needed to help women during their breastfeeding journey.  

Q: What if I didn't fully breastfeed my child? 

A: Everyone's breastfeeding experience and goals are unique. The concept behind Honor Mama is offer recognition to moms who have breastfed their babies. That's it. It's not about time, ounces, or supply. Just love, hard work, and breastmilk. 

Q: Can I use the Breastfeeding Badge image on my own personal or company products. 

A: The bad news is no. Honor Mama holds 2 patents on the Breastfeeding Badge design, because we strongly believe in building a better breastfeeding community and that often requires money to fund programs and education. The good news is that we are always excited to partner with organizations to create items to support breastfeeding mamas.  

Q: Oh no, the necklace chain broke!

A: Don't worry mama the good news is that you can replace it with almost any chain you find . 

Q: How do take of my pretty pendant? 

A: The Breastfeeding Badge pendant and its chain are made from sterling silver and can be polished with the yellow cloth came with the pendant.