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Classic Cool Jewelry
& Accessories

Designed to honor your
breastfeeding journey everyday.

Breastfeeding Mom with Breast pump

What People Are Saying

"Beautiful necklace!! I was looking for a nice breastfeeding necklace that I could wear daily...This necklace is PERFECT!
Delicate and beautiful and goes with everything.
I received it a few days ago and haven't taken it off since."
-Lisa F.

"I bought this for a friend who is also a breast milk donor for my infant. I wanted her to know how priceless her contribution to my son's well being is and how much I appreciate the time and effort she puts into pumping.
I think it is the perfect gift to express that to her."
-Kim Z

"Perfect gift to celebrate my wife's reaching the 1 year milestone....BEAUTIFUL GIFT WRAPPING!
Above and beyond expectations.... My wife hasn't taken it off since she got it :-)"