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2018 Fall and Winter Breastfeeding Friendly Outfit Ideas

It's fall y'all!  I seriously can't resist that saying. Just too darn cute. Anyway, here in Minnesota the trees are just starting to give us a preview of the stunning canvas of autumn colors that soon take over our state. Along with the changing colors, come change of temperature, and that means sweater time! Cue the pumpkin candles and spiced lattes. 

Fall also holds special meaning for me because that is when we welcomed our first baby. My darling Audrey was born mid-September back in 2009. Autumn is a great time to have a baby here in Minnesota. The weather is mild, so there is ample opportunity to get outside and let your postpartum soul get some fresh air and sunshine. My first two weeks postpartum were spend in sweatpants and T-shirts and working on basic skills like remembering my name due to sleep deprivation.  But once Audrey turned 1 month, I was ready to step out of my sweatpants and venture out in the world (with pants on of course). But as I looked through my closet I realized, I didn't want to wear my maternity clothes, because darn it, I am so over with being pregnant. But I was still a long way from fitting into my regular clothes. Plus I was breastfeeding and easy access to my boobs is essential. 

My other issue was that I didn't want to buy "nursing" tops. I really wanted to have a set of clothes that I could wear throughout the fall and winter, plus maybe even after I was done nursing. 

My Criteria
  1. Affordable. Each piece of clothing had to be under $100. Preferably under $50. 
  2. Cute. I want clothes that are on trend and that I could keep in my closet beyond my nursing phase.
  3. Functional. Easy access to my breasts is a must, while maintaining some skin coverage. I'm pretty comfortable nursing in public, but I prefer to remain a little covered.
  4. Nothing tight. The shirts and tops are NOT allowed to cling to my stomach. 

 Breastfeeding Friendly Tops

Mamas I have scoured my favorite stores to find you a cute, affordable, nursing-friendly shirts, sweaters, and tops. 

The Carlson Long Convertible Cardigan found at Nordstrom is super versatile. It can be worn as regular cardigan or the front pieces can be hung over the shoulder for a draped wrap vibe. Plus I'm a sucker for thumb hole and the free shipping and returns offered by Nordstrom. YASSSS!!!

B.P. Stitch Hem Curve Cardigan, Breastfeeding Friendly sweater

And Nordstrom for another win! I love this B.P. cardigan oh so much. It looks adorable with jeans or leggings (hello, full butt coverage!) and it comes in a bunch of different colors. Cardigans make breastfeeding in colder weather super easy since you can put just about any t-shirt or tank top underneath, stay warm, and have easy access to your cha chas.  Plus it's nice to have the option to use the sweater as a pseudo nursing cover by shifting it a bit to cover your chest.  

Old Navy plaid tunic, Old Navy burgundy floral shirt, Gray zip jacket, breastfeeding friendly

Next stop Old Navy. The fantastic thing about Old Navy is that they usually have many options for affordable on-trend clothes. And this season they offer a plenty of shirts that button down just far enough to make them nursing friendly. The black polka dot shirt and the floral burgundy shirt are perfect with jeans or dressed up for work. My other favorite is the tunic plaid shirt. I definitely see many future coffee runs in this shirt paired with leggings. And my last Old Navy shirt pick is actually more of a jacket/sweatshirt.  The Go-Warm Moto Jacket is BEYOND adorable! The high collar, asymmetrical zipper, and waist length make it feel sporty, but can easily be paired with jeans or other pants to dress it up. Are you noticing my theme yet. Pick clothes that can be casual or dressy.  And P.S. this jacket also comes in black with a gold zipper. Eek!!! Run now!!! 

 Pants and Accessories 

Old Navy Denim and Black Jeggings

Next on my list of must haves are my favorite postpartum transition pants. And once again, Old Navy has taken my money. Their jeggings are beyond fantastic. They are mid-rise which is perfect for supporting a post baby tummy, plus the waist band is elastic! Hallelujah!! Wearing these made me like I was one step closer to being a functioning human being again, heck even a little sexy. Anyway, the pants are available in denim and black. The black can easily be worn casual or dress them up for work. I confess I own about 4 pair and were a work wardrobe staple. 

Honor Mama Breastfeeding pendant, Universal Tote bag and diaper bag option

And last, but certainly not least make sure all you mama's out there treat yourself to a few fun accessories. It's always satisfying to complete an outfit with a cute bag or necklace. I really like the Universal Thread tote at Target. It offers lots of pockets for all the random stuff we moms carry, plus it's large enough to stuff in a few diapers and extra clothes for our babes. 

And finally my favorite accessory is the the Honor Mama Breastfeeding Badge of Honor necklace. It's a beautiful reminder that even when I feel like I am crushing this parenting thing, I am still strong and capable for great things.

Love and hugs, 






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