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The Ultimate Guide for Giving Meaningful Gifts to New Moms.

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If you’re reading this blog you are probably in the midst of trying to find the PERFECT gift for a new mom. Or for a seasoned mom who just added another sweet babe to her brood. Or maybe you are the recipient of donated breast milk and trying to find a way to say thank you to the milk donor.  

Regardless, I’ve been there. Scouring the internet trying to find a thoughtful and special gift idea. Ultimately trying to avoid another trip to Target, just to end up buying a baby outfit. Cute but not the meaningful gift you were hoping for. 

I LOVE receiving thoughtful gifts and I REALLY love receiving gifts that make my busy mom life easier. So after reflecting on gifts that I have loved, plus chatting with my mama tribe, I’ve created a breastfeeding and new mom gift guide just for you.

The gift of convenience (and the ability to stay in your PJs all day)

Let’s face it, once we welcome those sweet babies into our lives, time becomes fleeting. The days can feel long, but in a blink, our sweet wrinkly newborn is a plump 4 month old. Then you feel like you must have stepped into a time machine because their first birthday has already arrived! Eek.

The strange phenomenon of “I’m home all day, but have not had time to get out of my pajamas” also sets in. What would help give this mama a little more time? Delivery! Not childbirth, delivery, but food and clothing that magically appears at my door.

There are numerous food delivery options now.

  • Uber Eats
  • Door Dash                                
  • Postmates
  • Amazon restaurant
  • GrubHub
  • Seamless
  • Foodler
  • And many more..

Door Dash, Food delivery for new mom  


A gift card to a local delivery service is a FANTASTIC gift.  Think of the relief that any mom will feel when dinner time arrives, she’s still in her PJs, but all is not lost, because she has a food delivery gift card. Dinner is served while mama eats in her PJs.

You are now a hero. You're welcome.


Other fantastic ideas include gift cards towards grocery delivery. Options will vary for each city and region, but a quick Google search will solve that problem.

A few options to check out are:

  • Shipt
  • Instacart
  • Peapod
  • AmazonFresh

Household help

Another fantastic idea is checking to see if the mom has a postpartum registry, such as Marabou. Marabou is a postpartum service registry, which means parents register for things such as postpartum doulas, house cleaning services and other thing that give moms more time to sit back and recover.

Gifts that make breastfeeding easier. Sort of.

Breastfeeding is hard work. I can’t change that part. However there are a number of things that make breastfeeding and pumping life MUCH easier.

The Haaka. Oh the glorious Haaka. This little device is the brilliant way to collect milk from the non-baby occupied leaking breast during nursing. Before moms know it they have built up their stored milk stash without any extra pumping.

Breastfeeding pajamas! There are so many options for beautiful and functional Pjs.  Nordstrom, Kindred Bravely, Soma, The Latched Mama, and even Target had tons of amazing options. There are many varieties of style options from nightgowns to entire pajama sets that include a robe.

I had never thought of giving this as a gift until my friend Eryn gifted me with breastfeeding pajamas before the birth of our daughter. It felt so good to put on something pretty before bed and still be able to have full access to my breasts during nighttime nursing sessions.

Milk storage bags. Yeah I know this isn’t super exciting, but they are a much needed item! To liven up the gift you can also include a pack of fun colored Sharpie Markers for labeling!

Breast Ointment, Sore nipple cream

Breast ointment for infections and mastitis. Forever and Always makes a fantastic ointment cleverly named “Ease the Girls”. The ointment is handcrafted from coconut other essential oils. It’s free from lanolin and smells divine.

A fashionable nursing cover. I confess I have a bit of a momprenuer crush on Emily Baldoni. She is married to Justin Baldoni, the handsome Rafael on Jane the Virgin.  She is a major breastfeeding advocate and in 2018 launched her nursing cover the Cocoon.  The concept is perfect. The wrap is full-coverage made with breathable fabric, and it super versatile. It’s the nursing cover that is part of your wardrobe, not just something you stuff in your diaper bag and bring out when needed.

Ok, this next gift is definitely not going to be on many baby registry lists. A clip-on book light. 

For the first year, many babies are up frequently at night to nurse. Most of us resort to passing the time looking at our phones. However, the light of your phone trigger your brain to wake up even more. So if your mama is a reader, then a cute light and a good book (preferably a paper back since to hold one handed) is a good fit.

Cool water bottle. While moms are breastfeeding, they often get VERY thirsty. Most moms usually have multiple spots in their home that they tend to nurse at. My list included our family room, my bed, and the rocking chair in the nursery. Any mom would appreciate a special water bottle to keep them hydrated and motivated during their nursing journey. The gift of an Honor Mama water bottle is a simple way to show that you care about their health.

 Gifts of self-care and pampering

New mom spa day

Raise your hand if you tend to put everyone else’s needs before yours? My hand is up. As moms we are terrible about self-care. Often we feel guilty for spending money or taking the time to do things that seem like a luxury such as a massage, getting our nails done, or just sitting by ourselves enjoying a cup of coffee for more than 10 minutes.

Gifts that show a mama that she is important including a gift card to a spa, nail salon, or Sephora are thoughtful. You could also give her some of your favorite products such shampoo/conditioner or a nighttime cream

Another special gift would be a piece of jewelry from Honor Mama. Our sterling silver breastfeeding pendant was designed to show a mother how important she is and how much your value her.

Regardless of what you choose the act of giving a gift enough. Hopefully this list was helpful, so go forth and shop!

Love and hugs,

Jennifer Dick, Honor Mama founder

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